Welcome to the gemological resource website for Turkish Diaspore. Written as part of my graduate thesis, it has been created by a gemology student for fellow students, gemologists, industry members, and the general public.

Turkish Diaspore is the color changing variety of the mineral diaspore (an aluminum hydroxide), discovered in the Kucukcamliktepe and Buyukcamliktepe mines of the Ilbir Mountains in the Milas county of Muğla in southwestern Turkey in the early 1950s.[1][8] Turkish Diaspore is a rare gemstone found exclusively in one Turkish deposit.[3][33] The nearest villages with road connections are Pinarcik and Selimiye, which are approximately 12 kilometers from the mining area.[1][2][8] Turkish Diaspore is also called Color Change Diaspore or simply, Diaspore.[33] Trademarked Zultanite® is a related, but typically superior gemstone from the same deposit.

Turkish Diaspore is noted for its color change effect similar to Alexandrite and pleochroism, which together produce selective absorption of color, depending upon the orientation of the gemstone and the frequencies of the light waves. Turkish Diaspore crystals can have a well-developed color change phenomenon observable under different illumination and display a variety of body colors specific to each light source; bright green with flashes of vivid yellow in daylight or equivalent to pale orange yellow to grayish yellow or yellowish gray in traditional indoor lighting (fluorescent) and purplish brownish pink hues under incandescent lighting. These colors can also be seen from different angles and a wide variety of other colors may occur with alternate illumination.[1][3][6][7]

Public Domain 2012. Andrew Williams


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